Analogue Addressable Fire Alarms


By inim

Model Spec1Spec2Spec3Spec4Spec5Spec6Spec7Spec8Spec9Spec10Spec11Spec12Spec13Spec14Spec15Spec16Spec17Spec18Spec19Spec20Spec21
Analog-addressable fire control panel2 loops expandable to 8 for 2080 expandable models1 loop on non-expandable 1010 modelsMultiprocessor hardware structure32 bit main CPUOpenLoop TechnologyManages up to 30 panel token-ring network via the SmartLoop/NET board (accessory item)Easy remote access through SmartLAN board (accessory item)2 or 4 wire loop connectionSupports 240 devices per loopManages up to 8 remote-control repeater panels connected to the RS485 InterfaceManages power stations on the RS485 BUSManages a fire-suppression control panel on the RS485 BUS3 general purpose NAC outputs1 NAC alarm output1 NAC trouble output1 dry contact alarm relay1 dry contact trouble relayManages up to 8 remote-control repeater panels1 24 V power supply output for external devices1 24 V resettable outputControl panel with 1 loop, non-expandable, equipped with keypad, display and status LEDs. This model can be enhanced with a SmartLoop/PRN thermal printer
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