Analogue Addressable Fire Alarms


By inim

Model Spec1Spec2Spec3Spec4Spec5Spec6Spec7Spec8Spec9Spec10Spec11
Single-loop analogue-addressable control panelLOOPMAP technology (automatic wiring reconstruction and addressing capabilities)Supports 240 devices (64 for "S" model)Manages 30 zones (16 for "S" model)Manages SmartLetLoose/ONE Fire Extinction board (EN12094-1 compliant accessory item)Supports 4 remote repeater panelsSupports 2 power-supply stations (SmartLevel)1 supervised alarm output (NAC)1 output for communication device activation (dialers)1 supervised fault output, 1 dry-contact fault output1 loop w/up to 240 devices over the loop & 30 zones
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